Leadership Council


Bin Liu, an ATA-certified translator, began his English learning in a foreign language boarding school, attended college and graduate school at the Beijing Foreign Languages Institute, and graduated with an BA in English and an MA in English & American Literature.  He worked for four years as an assistant editor of the University's literary translation journal, Foreign Literatures.  He later came to America to attend the graduate school at Loyola University Chicago and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  He graduated with an MA in English and an MA in Comparative Literature, respectively.  After short stints of employment as a translator at the Wal-Mart Headquarters, the United Nations and others, he founded his own company, AcumenTransMedia Services, LLC.  His service offerings include translation, interpretation, desktop publishing and multimedia services in Eastern and Middle Eastern languages.

Acting Assistant Administrator & Chairperson, Chinese to English Certification Committee
Di Wu
was born and raised in Beijing, China and immigrated to the United States as a teenager.  He has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Rochester.  He works as a Chinese linguist and staff consultant at ASET International Services in Arlington, Virginia.  He has served as the president of the Midwest Association of Translators and Interpreters (MATI), a regional chapter of the ATA.

Newsletter Editor
Katie Spillane’s
first passport picture was taken the day she was born.  18 years later, she made her first trip to China.  Smitten, she pursued a rigorous course of Chinese study at Canada’s McGill University and the National University of Singapore.  She has been translating professionally since 2005, during which she spent two years as the only non-Chinese translator at a China Town law firm in New York City.  Katie also offers cultural consulting services.  Her most exciting assignment to date was providing a cultural awareness training workshop for elite heli-skiing guides at Canadian Mountain Holidays
Contact: spillanetranslations@gmail.com

Newsletter Layout Editor
Evelyn Yang Garland
, a Mandarin Chinese interpreter and translator based in the Washington, DC area, is the owner of Acta Chinese Language Services, LLC.  She also tutors the “Introduction to Translation Theory” course offered by the University of Chicago.  She is an ATA-certified English > Chinese translator, a Maryland Court Certified Interpreter, and an Expert Member of the TranslatorsAssociation of China.
Contact: egarland@actalanguage.com

Administrative Coordinator
Liping Zhao’s
engagement with interpretation and translation started decade ago when she was studying English as her major at Xi’an International Studies University.  She later came to the U.S. to continue her graduate study in English at The University of Arizona.  She is a freelance interpreter/translator, and also serves as Chairman of the Board for XilinNorthwest Chinese School, IL.  She holds an MBA and has solid work experience in corporate accounting and finance, which further substantiate her service quality in the business realm.
Contact: zhaoliping@ymail.com

Web Development & Webmaster*
Huilin Gao currently resides just outside Phoenix, Arizona, but was born and raised in Taiwan where he spent a decade exploring a career as a musician and recording studio owner. Mr. Gao writes: “I was also a serious gamer; not only did I play all kinds of games (day and night) I also composed music for games. As we now have two young children, my wife limits the amount of time I can spend on music and games.  Instead, I translate games and, sometimes, that means that I have to play them, too. Multimedia is in my blood:  I completed a masters degree program in Communication and Multimedia at Saginaw Valley StateUniversity. I have also worked various freelance multimedia jobs: developing and maintaining websites for non-profits, publishing community newsletters, and creating interactive CD-ROMs for both professional and personal use. I also began doing translation.  It is with great enthusiasm that I share what I know to help others find their way in this growing and changing field.”
Contact: tw921@yahoo.com
* Although not yet launched, the CLD website is in the process of being developed.